Happy new year 2014!
We are close on next Monday 1/6 and Tuesday 1/7 for waxing the floor and major cleaning called "Oosouji". 
We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

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Hand dyed "Tabi" shoes by Prospective Flow's "Indigo project 407".

When we got the first shipment of these "Tabi" shoes before, they sold out so quickly.
Finally, the second shipment has arrived!

"Tabi" shoes are outdoor shoes that are often used by construction workers, gardeners, farmers and carpenters in Japan. Made of cotton and the sole is rubber.
You can run faster than wearing the other shoes (,I guess).

In stock sizes: M6.5-11, W6.5-11.5
Available in store only, sorry!
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Open 7 days except Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We may open early and close later on certain days but will note that shortly.

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2013-09-20 14.42.14.jpg

We received a new shipment of those Mari Ball from Higo, Kumamoto pref.
It's a product which follows traditional technique, size, thread, color, and embroidery andis made entirely by hand. The size depends on craftsman's hand size.

Shop online here, Higo Mari Ball

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"Gekkoso" is painting supplies store in Tokyo, Japan since 1917.
They produced painting goods for all painter who are from beginner to professional. 

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We are close on Thursday July 4th.
We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.
Everyone have a wonderful holiday!

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2013-06-26 15.53.45.jpg

Summer patterns of Tenugui towel, pot holders and Baby Jinbei ( Kimono and pants, 2 piece set ) from Kamawanu have just arrived at our store!

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2013-06-15 11.50.35.jpg

Finally, we got new Baby Kimono in stock!
There are some new patterns but limited quantity.

See detail at TGS online store!

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Every item looks stylish and sharp by chance...yes, father's day will come soon!

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Our new lineup of Masunaga eyewear from Fukui, Japan. Family owned since 1905, all handmade.

These are not on our online store, please come and check in store!

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